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The Sacred Shadow

The Sacred Shadow

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How might life look if we lived as though eternity is now? Many of us have fallen into a trap, thinking that God and His kingdom are “up there somewhere” as if He and His dwelling place are distant in reach and in time. But, Jesus came teaching a very different reality.

To every physical aspect of creation, there is a spiritual counterpart. When God created the world, He called it very good. He declared it to be sacred by placing His own image in the world through humanity. He charged humanity to fill the earth, to take dominion, to declare who God is. So, the here and now, this present reality…this is sacred. The tangible is not evil; it is a gift from God. And yet, it’s not the end all be all. It is just the beginning, a glimpse, a shadow of the greater reality.

Here we live in the sacred shadow, but one day, when we pass through the veil of perception which blurs our present reality, when we step over the thread of time which is a boundary for now, but won’t be a boundary forever and certainly isn’t a boundary for God, we will step out of the sacred shadow and into the sacred substance.

In Courtney Cohen’s latest book, The Sacred Shadow, explore what reality truly is, encounter the near presence of God, challenge your perception of eternity, and discover the sacredness that exists now during our brief time spent in this shadow-land.
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