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Where Your Beginning Began - Companion Guide

Where Your Beginning Began - Companion Guide

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From authors and speakers, Steven and Courtney Cohen.

This companion guide is for parents, counselors, and those who read Where Your Beginning Began, regardless of age. It is designed to create a fun environment, develop common language, validate feelings and perspectives of our foster children, help grasp the depth and connections in the illustrations, and to give insight and discussion point

Join Kaynay the elephant in this updated, brilliantly colorful exploration into where her beginning began. Where Your Beginning Began is a fun, life-filled, poem addressing one of the hardest questions an adoptive parent can face, his or her origin.

Download you FREE Where Your Beginning Began coloring pages here.

The story behind Where Your Beginning Began

One week before our adopted daughter would enter this world, a sweet poem fell from heaven into my heart. Knowing that we were entering the new and precious territory of becoming a multi-ethnic family through this adoption, having a way to communicate to our child her origin, birth story, and adoption was something my husband and I deeply valued. Even if our skin colors had matched, this story-telling would still be innately needed by our child to understand where she came from, the honored role her birthmother played, and how wanted she truly is and has always been.

Our family joked together that our waiting process like the gestation of an elephant…a long time indeed. And, thus, Kaynay the Elephant found life on the walls of our daughter’s soon-to-be nursery, along with the other animal friends you’ll find in Where Your Beginning Began.

No doubt, your own journey of adoption has been wholly unique. But, we pray that this little book will provide a God-centered and love-filled avenue for you and your adopted child to discover together where their beginning began.

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