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When God Says "Go" (Part 3 - Make Disciples)

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Things really started shifting within my heart this past February. I wasn't the only one who could tell people were being repositioned strategically for new assignments across the country and certainly the world. God was up to something in a big way!

The world watched revival spark at Asbury as spontaneous worship poured out from a simple service and carried over into 16 straight days. People flocked to be a part, to witness what on earth was happening on this college campus.

Days later, Jesus Revolution released in theaters, making theatrical release records and igniting multitudes. (Have you seen Jesus Revolution yet? If not...go grab it and watch asap!) The simplicity of washing hippies' dirty feet captured me and made me wonder - who are the modern-day hippies?

What people group isn't welcome in today's church?

Steve and I began looking at the gifts and passions God has given us. We both have so much more to give than we've been giving. I have so much more to give as a musician, worshipper, teacher, speaker, and writer. To this point, we've merely scratched the surface of what we feel God has called us to.

We also began talking more intentionally about discipleship. Jesus left us with this directive: make disciples! He didn't say to go make converts (though that is certainly one critical aspect of the disciple-making process). He said to make disciples - people who actively and intentionally follow Jesus and then go and help others do the same. How many churches are content to simply stop there?

Yes, let's always celebrate when people find Christ. But let's not stop there - let's help them move forward in actually following Him! 

What if making disciples has nothing to do with an orderly program or calculated services?

What if making disciples involved the simplicity of an open door, a warm hug, welcoming words, and the Word of God?

What if disciple-making was less about a program or set of classes to take and more about sitting around a table, two or three gathered together to read the Bible, learn together, pray together, challenge one another, and intentionally plan to multiply themselves by discipling others?

There is no lack of great content if we take a little time to look. But when we only focus on making more content available, we can feed the consumer mentality so common within churches. This doesn't make more disciples, just more educated people. Education matters - but it's just one aspect of discipleship. 

Does it seem that churches often try to make it easy to follow Jesus? Again, it can be easy to find Him - but following takes commitment. It's a good thing to ask people to make a commitment, to dig deeper, to do hard things. Jesus Himself told us to count the cost of following Him because it wasn't designed to be easy. We aren't designed simply for easy things. We are capable of so much more than we often give ourselves credit for. We are called to conquer.

It takes time, intentionality, and mutual desire to follow Jesus and spur one another on to do the hard things and walk out this life. 

Could we as followers of Jesus dig deeper, focus less on delivering great content, and more on developing through intentional community? Could we commit to not only growing within ourselves, but helping others grow too?

As you can tell, it's been a season of questions and conversations. Questioning what we think we know and what we've always done. Dreaming about what could be and grounding ourselves in what Jesus calls us to do.

What is something you're passionate about? What hard step has been holding you back from pursuing it?

If you've already found Jesus as your Savior, how are you following Him as your Teacher?

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