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When God Says "Go" (Part 4 - The End Begins)

If you're just now jumping in to our story, we've been in a time of transition and untethering, a time filled with questions, long conversations, and tons of prayer. Go to the beginning of our story here to catch up.

Many weeks of rich and challenging conversations about possibilities had taken place. And during all of that time, Steve and I were still serving as usual at our regular campus church. We've been a part of a multi-campus church in the DFW area for 16 years - on worship team, teaching, leading small groups, and much more.

One weekend, in preparation for a class I would be teaching in a couple of weeks, Steve and I attended the first of that class series. I can't tell you much about the class itself, but I can tell you that Steve and I separately heard God speak. (No, not in an audible voice, but through an inner knowing, that small whisper to our souls.)

I sensed that our time at our current church was coming to an end. Steve heard more specifically that we would not enter the new building that our campus had had nearly completed. That date was only a few months away. After four years at our campus, we wouldn't be entering the building we'd been anticipating with the rest of our church family.

More questions arose for us: what would this mean for our faithful small group members? What would this mean for our kids who are deeply rooted there? What would this mean for my love in helping to lead worship? What would it mean for our love for teaching God's Word? What would come of the community we've developed over these 16 years?

These questions didn't arise from a bitter or frightened place. They came from curiosity to know more. 

When Steve and I each heard from God, we both felt peace, even despite the inevitable changes to come. 

Peace - the kind that far surpasses our human understanding.

The expanding distance I felt in the weeks to come was heavy and painful and complicated. But it was also exciting as we wondered what might be next. In all of this, we both felt a profound weightiness to discern God's leading. 

We knew the end was coming to this long and wonderful growing season. A new thing was springing up. Would we be willing to watch for it? To open our eyes and see what works God was preparing for us?

Have you ever sensed the end of a season coming? How did it make you feel? Did you experience anxiety about the coming changes or did you have peace?

I'd love to welcome you along for the journey as we've begun to explore what God has next for us. Continue the journey with us. Read Part 5 of When God Says "Go".

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Your writing is rich and thought provoking. Thank you for being obedient!

chris a howard

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