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Cotton Love Is... 1134 Tee

Cotton Love Is... 1134 Tee

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Join the 1134 movement and help flip hEll on its head. If you turn the numbers 1134 upside-down, it reads "hEll."

Jesus flipped hEll over throughout His time on earth and He gave us the Holy Spirit to do the same. When approached with:

  • hate - He loved,
  • persecution - He prayed,
  • death - He resurrected,
  • punishment - He sacrificed,
  • offense - He forgave,
  • brokenness - He healed,
  • need - He provided.

And He still works in miraculous ways today. Join us in flipping hEll on its head and bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to your neighborhood, job, school, family, and yourself.

Let these shirts be a constant reminder of the LOVE we are commanded to give to God and people. One of the best ways we can do that with people is to talk with them, get to know them, desire to understand the hurt and pain they are feeling and empathize with them. Please note this is not sympathy, but empathy. (See What Lies Beneath for the difference).

When we intentionally commit to never forget where we came from, where we were, or what happened when hEll was first turned on its head in our lives, we allow ourselves to be sensitive to where others are at right now. It reminds us that God's image-bearers are Never Too Lost to Be Found and they may be but just one 1134 story away from meeting and submitting to their Savior.

What is an 1134 Story?

We call our testimonies "1134 Stories" because these stories reveal when hEll was turned on its head in your life. I recall how I felt being tormented by seeing this number day in and day out for months, believing it was a message of my eternal destination.

It turns out that God had a different message for me all along. Even though I lived as a hate-filled, atheistic anti-Christ, God transformed me into a people-loving, disciple-making Christ-follower.  Your story may not look like mine, but you do have a story that can inspire, unite, impact, and help rescue the lost.

I've got questions for you though:

  • Does the idea of sharing your story with others overwhelm you?
  • Do you struggle to convey how real God is?
  • Do you want to learn how to put into words how He changed your life?
  • Do you run out of time every time you share your story?

Join us for a fun and interactive workshop to develop and refine your testimony down to two minutes or less in our 1134 Story Workshop. Find our next workshop here.

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